1. I do not Folow

From the recording Seven


I Do Not Follow
Words and Music by Elizabeth Pugh

I was stopped by Ganesh on Crosby Street
A new regime has confiscated sanity
Take me to the water
Let me wash away
Wash away the grime
I don't wanna dance
I don't wanna dance
With sorrow

I saw a Stones tee shirt in a vintage store on Ludlow Street
“How much?" I asked the girl thinking I’m gonna buy something cool
She said, “It's a 150 dollars."
Like I couldn't afford the air I breathe and didn't deserve to share hers
“150 dollars,” I said
"Yeah it could be more, maybe $175.
It's an original
Single stitched
From 1991."

Well, it's yellow and stained
With some teenagers disdain
But I didn't want anyone hating me any more in this world than I felt Already did.
And just like all things
I should have left alone
I got sucked in deeper.

A beautiful Japanese kimono caught my eye
Dangling in front of me the promise of buying another place and time
Dancing around my living room
As the sun is setting
And I’m
I am
I am wanted
I am sensual
I am free

Cause I don’t want to dance
I don’t want to dance
With sorrow

I took it into the dressing room
Because I needed some privacy
A place to collect my shattered soul
And then I thought you know what
I’m gonna turn this around
I’m gonna turn this around
I came out of the dressing room
I was so excited
I thought you know
You know what
Someone is going to spend a 150 dollars for a Janis shirt!

And I waited for the solidarity
And her face fell
She looked at me blankly
And I realized
She didn’t know
She didn’t know
Who I was talking about

But I don’t wanna dance
I don’t wanna dance
With sorrow

I ran into Beckett on Bleecker Street
On the holiest of nights
And The Bells of Pompeii
Oh they landed at our feet
And we stood there face to face
With nothing to say
Oh but you know
You know
When fate is at play
He said his head was cold and he needed a hat and
Was tired of junkies taking care of his cat
And he’s tired of waiting
Oh he’s tired of waiting
For sorrow

Cause we do not follow
We do not follow
Cause we are
The warriors
We are
The dreamers
We do not

© 2018 by Elizabeth Pugh
Published by Jones St. Records